Being established is a little different than being experienced. The dictionary defines established as “having existed for a long time, and therefore recognized as good or successful”.

You can start up a business and hire a lot of experienced help, but that doesn’t make you an established business.

Baxter Builders, Inc. has been serving Delaware and Chester Counties since its beginnings in 1978 (35+ years). You will benefit from the fact that as a team, we have a long history of working together. Working together as a team over time imbues efficiency and good organization.

Remodeling can be risky. Many news programs have documented contractors and builders who have walked off jobs half-done with large sums of money; either in financial trouble themselves through poor business management or just outright crooks. You will benefit and eliminate the risk by hiring an established builder.

Establishing our business by owning a physical place of business; owning our trucks and equipment; and having for decades, an A+ credit rating and an impeccable reputation with all of our vendors, assures you that your project will be completed with minuscule risk.