Here are some questions we’re often asked, and the answers.

What is design/build remodeling?

Design/Built Remodeling is a delivery method where one company is responsible for design through construction to final completion of the project. The primary advantage and benefit to the client is budget control. Cost estimates can be run early in the process and updated and adjusted as the design develops, so there are no surprises when construction begins.

What is the best way to determine my remodeling budget?

Many factors go into determining the end cost of a remodeling project so it is understandable that determining a budget or budget range can be a challenge. The absolute best way to arrive at an accurate budget range is to run a preliminary estimate on conceptual plans. The more details you provide regarding finishes and materials the more accurate the estimate.

We can also give you exact cost figures on previous jobs we have completed similar to yours. We can also point you to the annual Cost vs. Value Remodeling Report that can sometimes be of value in gauging rough budget ranges. And last but not least, we can give you our best guess as to low-end and high-side cost guesstimates for your project.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. Pennsylvania requires all Residential Remodeling Contractors to be licensed. Our license number is PA HIC 0018

We are also licensed in Plumbing and Electrical work.

Yes, we are also insured with Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation. However, having said that, any time you are having work done on your home, you should always request an Insurance Certificate from the contractor, naming you a certificate holder.

Do you have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Yes. And a note here about Workers’ Compensation Insurance – WC is the most expensive insurance for a contractor to carry and the first insurance that fly-by-night contractors forgo. If you request an insurance certificate from a remodeling contractor and find that they have no WC, beware. An injured employee of theirs, not covered by WC can sue you, the homeowner, if the injury occurred on your property. Don’t take unnecessary risk, only deal with a company that carries both Liability and WC insurance.

When can you start?

A lot of people ask this question and a lot of inexperienced contractors answer it with a definitive date. When really, the better question, and what you should be asking is “When you start my project, will you be here every day and pursue it without interruption until completion”?

You see, a lot of inexperienced contractors fall into the trap of making too many promises, and when one job runs long and they have promised start dates, they end up opening more jobs than they can properly man. This leads to shoddy, rushed work, bouncing from job to job, interruption of work continuity and in the end, three unhappy customers instead of one happy customer. Customers are wondering, “Where’s that contractor? He hasn’t been here in three days”.

Our commitment to you is as follows: We can estimate the start date and we can tell you the projects ahead of yours that must be finished (before we start yours). However, just like we will pursue your job on an uninterrupted daily basis until complete, we will pursue the jobs ahead of you in the pipeline in the same manner. So, you may have to wait a little longer for us to start, and we may not be able to tell you exactly the start date, but once we start, you have the assurance that we are there every day until the end.

How long will my job take?

We can’t tell you exactly how long it will take. We can give you an estimate, but what’s most important, is that you can count on us being there and pursuing your job without interruption until it is complete. We can tell you that it will take us “No less time than it takes to do the job right, because we will not cut corners”.

Do you use subcontractors?

By and large, we do the vast amount of our work in-house. Having said that, we do from time to time, use subcontractors. For the most part, these subcontractors are companies that we have vetted over the years and in which, we are confident of their character and workmanship. Last year subcontractors accounted for approximately 8% of our work.