What to Expect

Although the end result – your finished project – is of paramount importance, when it comes to a Remodeling Project, the process is equally important. Unlike any other product you purchase, with a Remodeling Project, you and your family will be living on the assembly line (living through the production).

Therefore, we commit to not only provide you with a finished product that delivers maximum value, we also commit to making the delivery (design and construction) process as smooth and as pleasant as possible. In fact, most of the “thank you” notes we receive from our clients commend us, not only for the excellence of the finished job, but also for the considerate manner, courtesy and respectfulness they experienced and witnessed as it was exhibited toward their home, children and even pets.

Steps in Design/Build Process

We will work closely with you throughout the four steps of the Design/Build Process.

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Conceptual Design Phase
  3. Design Development/Construction Documents
  4. Construction Phase